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The Livermore Valley Wine Club

Livermore Valley Wine Club has technically been four years in the making, yet really dates back much longer than that as myself (Jason), and my wife Veronica have been frequent visitors to downtown Livermore and the wineries for the past decade.

Through a mutual friend, we both met Larry & Margie Dino in 2016, and I began working in their tasting room that summer. I was determined to prove my true worth to a boutique winery in this new industry, working diligently, and quickly became familiar with the small staff, club members and the winery's regular guests.

I soaked up as much of the winemaker Larry's persona and philosophies, especially when it came to the quality of the wines that he was producing and putting into each and every bottle. Working the harvest of 2016 on the "crush pad," was a unique experience that I still fondly recount to this day.

In early 2017, I went to work for a local Kombucha company full-time, and still maintained a vision for helping to strategically place Cuda Ridge Wines into numerous retail establishments and restaurants throughout the Bay Area.

I was successful to a small degree, but knew that the terrain was wide open, and needed more experience within the industry, especially when it came being able to properly represent the uniqueness of Cuda Ridge Wines and other boutique wineries within the region.

What always me as odd was the lack of exposure that the region had outside of the Tri-Valley area. In order to progress with my vision of providing a Direct To Consumer wine club, I knew that it was of utmost importance that I continue to cultivate and maintain these lasting relationships within the Livermore Valley itself.

Fast forward to early 2019, where myself and my family relocated to Livermore from Fremont, and within several months, I went to work for Wood Family Vineyards. This family owned winery is very unique and has been an experience that my wife and I are extremely grateful for, as they welcomed us with open arms from the very onset. Ever since then, doors have continued to open and we haven't looked back.

It seems as if 2020 has been a blur and has brought about a great deal of change. Myself and my partners are looking forward to the remainder of this year and beyond, and seeing where the wine club takes us. Please come along with us for the journey!

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Welcome to Livermore Wine Valley Club. We are a unique, direct to consumer service that aligns with exclusive and select Livermore Valley boutique wineries to bring their finest award-winning wines to consumers throughout the state of California.

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